What DNS servers should I use

DNS can get a bit complicated, in our case it can be more so due to the fact that we use many different providers, and so there are a multitude of different DNS servers that could be used.
Here are the basics for our standard, off the shelf services. If in doubt, please just open a support ticket.

If you have registered your domain name through us, then you get DNS managed included for free via our  domain registrar (enom). This is the default and is editable via the "client area" at clients.zenmsp.uk. So you can manually edit the DNS here and use it for any service hosted anywhere. So this is the best option if your domain name is registered through us and you have dedicated hosting or hosting with a 3rd party provider which is managed by us.

If you are using ANY other name servers, then any changes you make via the client area will have no effect, in which case you can simply request us to disable the DNS manager to avoid any confusion.

Default  Name servers:

  • dns1.name-services.com
  • dns2.name-services.com
  • dns3.name-services.com
  • dns4.name-services.com
  • dns5.name-services.com

The following name servers is for our shared hosting and should be managed via wcp.zenmsp.uk. Most DNS records are created automatically when you create services via WCP

For shared Windows hosting use

  • Name Servers
    • NS1.EZHostingServer.com
    • NS2.EZHostingServer.com

For shared Linux/cpanel hosting use

  • Name Servers
    • NS3.EZHostingServer.com
    • NS4.EZHostingServer.com

For our Managed WordPress hosting

  • ns1.myukcloud.com
  • ns2.myukcloud.com
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