Lucee vs ColdFusion

A lot of folks often get confused between CFML and ColdFusion, and many have not heard of Lucee.

CFML is the programming language and ColdFusion and Lucee are both engines that run CFML code.

ColdFusion is the commercial  CFML engine by Adobe, with a very high price tag which is squarely aimed at enterprise customers.
Lucee is the FREE and open source alternative CFML engine. It used to be called Railo, which then got forked and became Lucee.

Both compile and run CFML code, although in tests Lucee has been shown to be considerably faster than ColdFusion. ColdFusion has some propriatary functionality that is exclusive to Adobe, but Lucee also have some unique features and functionality of its own. In general we have found that most simple apps with run on either engine just fine, and most legacy apps/websites originally written on Coldfusion 6,7,8 or 9 will usually run better on Lucee.

One of the biggest advantages with Lucee is with shared hosting. While CFML in general is not suitable for shared hositng  due to the way Java works, Lucee conveniently gives every single website its own Web Admin, where you manage your CFML settings, mail settings, datasources, etc. With Coldfusion there is only one central CFADMIN, which you do not have access to, only hr host does, and all the settings are global and cannot be changed per website.

Unless you have a specific need for ColdFusion, then we recommend using Lucee for the improved speed, web admin and ZERO licensing costs. When moving to dedicated hosting it is also very handy to be able to take all your Lucee settings and config with you baked right into the website.

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