Pricing Updates

For many months now, we have experienced numerous increased costs (energy, software licenses, hardware, hosting costs, provider costs  etc). We have absorbed these higher costs in hopes that they would normalize over time, however they have not. As a result, we have also been forced to increase some of our prices as well, beginning October 10th, ... Espandi »

1º Ott 2022
ENOM DNS issues

This weekend, ENOM, the central registry company who we partner with for our domain registrations and all of our DNS management systems has had unplanned outage issues. The outage follows planned maintenance that shouldn't have affected DNS services, but has in fact led to a small number of our customer domains having DNS resolution issues. This ... Espandi »

17º Gen 2022
Exchange Server attacks: Microsoft shares intelligence on post-compromise activities

Many on-premises Exchange servers are being patched, but Microsoft warns that its investigations have found multiple threats lurking on already-compromised systems. Microsoft is raising an alarm over potential follow-on attacks targeting already compromised Exchange servers, especially if the attackers used web shell scripts to gain persistence ... Espandi »

26º Mar 2021
Server upgrade to Windows Server 2019

Dear Customers, As a part of product lifecycle management, we have planned to upgrade our servers from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2019. Upgrading to Windows Server 2019 can be done in-place on the server and does not require any additional changes in server or there will be no change or update on pre-installed application. As per the ... Espandi »

5º Set 2019
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